Wind of Change is an international manifesto of cultural exchange, originating from Bangladesh. It is currently the most diverse musical fusion platform in the World!

In a world full of differences and disagreements, music is the most eloquent instrument to bring people together. “Wind of Change” brings talented musicians from across the globe collectively on one stage to create musical masterpieces. This noble concept symbolizes that the world is one through the sync of soul and achieving universal peace is not just a cliché. The main objective of ‘Wind of Change’ is to have a positive impact on the world by making music for goodwill and unity. The “Change” is meant not just for music itself but the people and by extension the various cultures it affects.

The creators of ‘Wind of Change’, Taposh&Munny have been working relentlessly towards fulfilling the integral goal of the project, which is ‘Music for Peace’. A prized possession of TM PRODUCTION, ‘Wind of Change’ is a dedication to standing up against injustice, inequality and all form of negative energies that try to mar our beautiful world. Let us unite the world through music! #windofchange #musicforpeace

Production : One more Zero Productions, TM Productions

Productors : Farzana Munny, Taposh

Re-Composition : Taposh


KEYS : Kaushik Hussain Taposh, Anna Wibe, Laura Lazarescu (Amadeus), Valeri Tolstov

Solo Violin: Anna Rakita

Solo Cello : Artyom Manukyan

Flamenco Guitar : Daniel Casares

Flute : Rasika Shekar, Ahsan Papu

Saz : Sinan Ayyıldız

Esraj : Arshad Khan

Electric Guitar : Rhythm Shaw, Mekaal Hasan, Evgeny Pobozyih

Bass Guitar : Anton Davidyants

Drums : Gergo Borlai

Trumpet : Ernesta Švelnytė

Percussion : Sivamani, Mithun Chakra

String Section Violins : Alicja Chrzaszcz, Magda Urbańska, Weronika Janik, Andreea Runceanu (Amadeus), Patricia Cimpoiasu (Amadeus), Natasha, Kseniya, Ruslana Mamchenko Cello : Izabela Buchowska, Patricia Cimpoiasu (Amadeus), Anna Kapul

Back Vocals : Jasmine Khan, Olika Gromova, Linda Kanter, Angelika Ahmedova, Mehedi, Tahetee, Surer Dhara, Antor, Oni