Stereognosis, meaning ”The ability to feel without seeing” used in scientific terms, has been named to a music project. The project which has been brought to life by Patrick Archie aims to synthesize modern music types, specifically found in the city culture such as; electronic, club, hip hop and beatbox with the strong melodic charactristics of Middle Eastern and Indian music. Sinan Ayyıldız joined the project at the time of Hybrid’s (the second album)s recording stage. Here he was accompanied by various performers such as Pendulum music group’s drummer KJSawka, Belgium Beatbox Champion Fatty K, master percussionist Mısırlı Ahmet and contrbassist of ensembles such as Niyaz and Ross Daly Quartet: Miles Jay. The projects first live concert took place in Portland/USA together with the group formed by Sinan Ayyildiz, Abbos Kasimov, Miles Jay, Fatty K and Beat Rhino. The projects new album recordings also were given a start in Portland. The remaining recording sessions are scheduled to be underway in May 2017 in the USA.

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