MESEL with the intent of “Displaying Anatolia’s sound structured culture in high end platforms using various concepts” was formed in December 2013 by internationally acclaimed musicians that are experts in their area of music. As a musician that has played in various Jazz groups in New York and also has a musical background experience from Berklee College of Music, Apostolos Sideris whilst studying Eastern music’s interaction with Jazz met baglama musician Sinan Ayyıldız who was also studying similiar areas and was on tour in America. The group was formed after Sideris moved to Istanbul and the MESEL journey began. The group made up their repertoire from and around Anatolian Folk Music and had marked their style of music with the joining of Opera Singer Ismet Aydin who can use his voice to the best extend of Anatolian voice techniques. Making it their priority to never harm the original state and soul of the piece played and adding jazz influences and modern arrangements, the band released their first single named ’Getme’ by Seyit Rüstemov with the addition of Kemane musician Uğur Önur.

This Single attracted enormous attention through the social media and made it to the Top 10 of World Music Network in the World Music Area in June. After this success the band was invited to the 6th Krutushka Ethnic Music Festival and performed at an arena packed with 5000 people.

With their aim of creating a musical “Parable” in every piece they play, the band made their second live video clip format single with a Balkan song “Rodop Daglari” (Rodop Mountains) via the Groovypedia Sessions Label. Burak Çakır, the percussionist of the band also joined in the making of this video. The third work of the band focuses on synthesizing Black Sea music of Turkey with the dynamics of jazz featuring Ekin Cengizkan on the acoustic davul (Turkish Drum) and Rıza Can Özel on the Karadeniz (Black Sea) kemence.

MESEL binding with the concept of “the music that feels and thinks” continues their work to this day. Having performed in numerous concerts in and out of the country, MESEL will be taking on stage in the London Nour Festival which will take place in November 2015. The bands first album recordings are underway and is expected to be in music stores in 2016.