Turkish music’s most important branch Turkish Folk Music has come a long way compiled and spread wide across the country gaining attention from the people with the instruments/sequences/lyrics/rhythms/meanings/word of mouth and accents through people of resource, and  minstrels. The orchestras and choirs that have been formed since the Republic has played an important role on the development of Folk music in Turkey. The Yurttan Sesler (Sounds from within the Country) , choirs and orchestras have ever since played important roles in keeping the folk music very much alive in the cities.

With this intention the Bedestan Halk Muzigi Orkestrasi ve Solistleri (Bedestand Folk Music Orchestra and Soloists) was formed with the aim of displaying every song as intended reflecting its orign. Rather than following a classic choir style where all songs are performed straigh forward, the Bedestan base their a musical background and understanding on making the music somewhat more colourful in a sense where rhythmic nuances, melodic nuances and harmony is used. In the orchestra different sizes of the baglama family are used also using techniques with the instrument played with and without the plectrum (fingerstyle). The woodwind and bowed instruments are chosen and played in accordance with the region of where the song comes from as the solo instruments. Together with the percussive instruments all instruments are played with a partition understanding

With this reason the orchestra members that are chosen carefully include conservatoire graduates, members that have genuine passion and want to contribute to the countries music.

The selection of soloists however was done with the soloists specialized in their area of region and tone of voice accordingly. The ensemble was founded in 2010 by Assisstant. Prof. Göktan Ay, Sinan Ayyıldız and Seval Eroğlu.

Sinan Ayyildiz has been the arranger and acting orchestra conductor 

Göktan Ay  ---------------Conductor, Coordinator
Sinan Ayyıldız -----------Arranger, Acting Orchestra Conductor
Seval Eroğlu -------------Acting Choir Conductor


Stringed Instruments

Sinan Ayyıldız------------Selpe Baglama

Adem Tosunoğlu--------Baglama

Rıza Tokmak-------------Cura, Nesimi Cura 

Uğur Küçük---------------Selpe Baglama

Erhan Uslu----------------Tanbura 

İsmail Nahar--------------Divan 

Ufuk Elik-------------------Bas Baglama 

Dilan Akıncı---------------Bamlı (Tenor) Baglama, Tar 

Ekrem Pehlivanoğlu----Tanbur, Lute 

Özgür Şahin-------------- Classical Guitar


Ali Rıza Altınkeser ------Clarnet 

Serdar Deli----------------Kaval

Cem Ekmen-------------- Duduk, Mey, Zourna

Bowed Instruments

Uğur Önür---------------Kemane, Kemancha

Adem Tosunoğlu-------Classical Turkish Kemenche


Yaşar Erdoğan--------- Percussion Set, Effects

Ümit Kartal------------- Percussion Set, Davul


Seval Eroğlu 
Gülseven Medar 
Neşe Demir 
Erkan Tekci 
Murat Tırnak 
Hüseyin Balcı 
Sercan Direk