Featuring the “adjustable microtonal guitar” inventor Tolgahan Çoğulu and double-neck saz performer Sinan Ayyıldız, the concert will not only accentuate technical virtuosity, but will also open a deep-rooted musical past to interpretation. Having completed his Master’s and PhD at Istanbul Technical University’s Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MİAM), Tolgahan Çoğulu was awarded first prize at Georgia Tech's Margaret Guthman New Musical Instrument Competition in 2014 with the “adjustable microtonal guitar”, which he designed in 2008 to perform Turkish music without having to sever ties with the essence of classical guitar. Regularly performing at concerts and giving seminars on microtonal guitar music in a number of countries, Çoğulu is currently teaching at ITU’s Turkish Music State Conservatory and at the Center for Advanced Studies in Music. The timbre of Tolgahan Çoğulu’s microtonal guitar coupled with the saz technique of musician, composer, and academic Sinan Ayyıldız, will offer audiences a singular performance showcasing the polyphony of Turkish folk music.